Sacred Circle Dance


    Lisa Bardack, Dance Facilitator

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Lisa Bardack      (410) 945-9139

Sacred Circle Dance is a collective dance experience that draws from ancient and traditional folk dances, many from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Dancing to wonderful music and rhythms, we join the circle of grandmothers who initiated these dances and passed them on. Dancing in their footsteps, we experience a sense of something greater than ourselves, a continuum of which we are a sacred part. The dances evoke joy, peace, inspiration, insight, healing and a powerful sense of community and interconnection with each other and all life.

Born from the Earth, these dances connect us to the rhythms of the seasons and the cycles of life. Moving as one to encoded energy patterns, we learn about our basic relationships of being in our bodies, being on Earth, being in community and being present to the source of all life.

If you love to dance, come and enjoy this wonderful form of movement meditation!

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“Dancing is an elemental, eternal form of human expression. To dance, at its simplest, is to let the body express itself rhythmically. Movement, our first language, touches centers of our being beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason or coercion. It communicates from the innermost soul that which cannot truly be expressed through words.” ~ Iris Stewart, Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance