“In this time of uncertainty and dis-integration, I find myself drawn to activities that “go generations deep”...we have strayed a bit from the well-trod path of generations, if not millennia, of humans before us. Sacred Circle Dance is one of those activities.

The movement and music summon a wide range of emotions--grief, sorrow, fear, amusement, joy, contentment. The first time I danced, I wished for a wide, swirly skirt, to feel even more circular as we stepped around the sacred center. The container had a magical ability to hold the emotion, as a safe space to soften into and not feel overwhelmed.

I felt welcome, a sense of belonging that awakened a peace within me. Lisa said the ancestors dance with us, an echo of what I’ve heard a master storyteller say about listening to a story around a campfire. This isn’t something that makes rational sense. It’s a poetic truth of the body, the senses, the imagination.”


“I never imagined myself doing sacred circle dancing yet I found it a wonderful time of sharing. I haven’t recovered my energy post cancer treatment and have never been coordinated, yet was able to keep up with the dance supported by everyone.”

On Sacred Circle Dance...

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the beauty of your gift to us all with your strong, quiet presence in the dances you selected for us, the information you offered about each dance and the patient teaching of the steps, and your choice of music for each dance. I was deeply touched by the love, strength and wisdom you brought to our circle and all you shared with us.”

“When we asked Lisa Bardack to bring Sacred Circle Dance to our ‘Heroine's Journey’ retreat last May, it was with the intention that Sacred Circle Dance would enhance the experience for us. As it turned out, Sacred Circle Dance was so much more than an enhancement. It was essential, a deeply significant component of our rituals and gatherings.  Under Lisa's gentle and wise leadership, the movement and breath of Sacred Circle Dance allowed every woman to embody the whispers and yearnings of her soul. Wordlessly, we were able to enter another realm, where we were wholly connected. I would not do another retreat without Sacred Circle Dance.” (Lindsay McLaughlin, retreat leader)

“On the strength of one session, I invited Lisa to bring Sacred Circle Dance to one of our Restorying retreats. At our Heroine’s Journey retreat, Lisa’s dances wove throughout the weekend, introducing or reinforcing themes that emerged organically from our prepared material, from the women who came, and from the land herself. It was perfectly magical.” ~ (Julie Gabrielli, retreat leader)

“By the time of the last dance we danced together on Sunday morning, I was able to get in touch with my own sacred feminine, with love and compassion and experience a bondedness with the group, with women, that I’ve never experienced before. I believe it was a sacred, healing moment which lives in me now.”

“Dance made all that we had experienced during the weekend doubly powerful.”

“Dancing put more spaciousness into the weekend.”

From the Heroine’s Journey Restorying Retreat...