Connecting to the Living Earth...

In December 2009 I completed a Creative Leadership Program for Applied Healing Arts at the Tai Sophia Institute. Working with ancient and more contemporary wisdom texts from the East and West, I deepened my understanding of the roots of dance in nature, spiritual expression and sacred feminine energy. 

In his book, The Dream of the Earth, Thomas Berry reminds us that “We have even forgotten our primordial capacity for language at the elementary level of song and dance, wherein we share our existence with the animals and with all natural phenomena.” Sacred Circle Dance gives us the opportunity to return to this primal language, to experience in community the joy and healing from this elementary form of human expression born our of our sacred relationship to the living Earth. 



On Dance...

I have been dancing most of my life, feeling a deep sense of authenticity with this art form. My love of dance and a family background in theater led me to musical theater, modern and jazz as my chosen forms of dance well into adult life. It was in 1997 that I first experienced Sacred Circe Dance classes. The collective experience of dancing ancient and traditional steps, some thousands of years old, to wonderful music from around the world was immediately compelling to me. It was an individual, communal and global experience, and I was hooked. I have studied Sacred Circle Dance for over 15 years years through classes and conferences nationally and internationally and have been teaching since 2008.   

In addition to my background in dance, I have studied yoga for over 15 years, as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and have taken myriad workshops on body, mind and spirit, cultivating a seasoned understanding of body movement as an instrument for joy, healing and wisdom.

Lisa Bardack

Sacred Circle Dance Facilitator